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Bisky Lata Jumbo

Honeywell Success Story

Honey Well was founded in 1987 , The Honeywell Company of Egypt is one of the largest food manufacturing and distribution of Honey Well products (Biscuits, chocolates, Chewing gum, Liquorish  marshmallow- jelly ) in Egypt, we strive to enhance every aspect of our products and package quality through adapting and maintaining the highest quality standards and we continue to strengthen our production and distribution system.

 The plant is located in 10th of Ramadan City, Cairo Egypt with a total land of 30625 meters. Honey well is a dynamic organization whose principal business is developing, manufacturing, and marketing Biscuits, Chocolates, Gum and Liquorish products that provide excellent value for its customers. Honeywell is always keen to develop new products to ensure offering our consumers improved taste and new flavors.

Wheat FlourSugar (Sucrose – Glucose Syrup – Fructose Syrup) – Cocoa Butter Substitute (Palm Kernel) – Cocoa Powder – Skimmed Milk Powder – Whey Milk Powder – Hydrogenated & Non   Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils (Palm) – Raising Agents (Sodium & Ammonium Bicarbonate E 500 – E 503 – Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate E450) – Lecithin (Soya) (E322) – Salt – Corn Starch – Sodium Meta Bisulphate (E 223) – Whipping Protein (Vegetable Origin) – Cow Gelatin – Vanillin, Flavours Nature Identical.

Wheat, Gluten, Milk and Soya. 


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